Saône-et-Loire: an L214 infiltrator denounces animal abuse in a slaughterhouse


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An infiltrator of the NGO L214, denounced on October 28, acts of animal abuse in a slaughterhouse in Saône-et-Loire. For four months, this member of the association for the fight against animal abuse managed to get hired and found multiple violations of the rules in force.

For four months, a member of the association for the defense against animal abuse, filmed horrific acts against animals. The facts took place in a slaughterhouse of the group Bigard, owner among others of the brand Charal, the association has witnessed the slaughter without stunning of animals still alive after having been slaughtered.

“These problems have been around for years. The veterinary services are aware of all these failures and yet they persist “, denounces Thomas Saidiinvestigator L214, by videoconference. The investigator was also able to witness scenes of cows being slaughtered when they had been in gestation for more than eight months. Despite the multitude of videos sent by the association, in recent years, it has deplored the lack of condemnation in the face of the number of violations observed.


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