Sara Ali Khan will be seen with Ranbir Kapoor, will be revealed by releasing video on New Year!

If everything goes well, Ranbir Kapoor and Sara Ali Khan may be seen together in the next film very soon. Yes, according to reports, ‘Kabir Singh’ director Sandeep Reddy Vanga has made up his mind to cast Ranbir Kapoor in his next film, in which he will be opposite Sara. It is being told as a crime drama film. According to Filmfare reports, there is talk of Ranbir Kapoor’s opposite Sara in this film. It is reported that Sara has also given her audition for this film and recently she also met the film director. It is being said that Sara is awaiting the decision of the director. The source said, ‘Sandeep Vanga is quite choosy and perticular about his casting. At the time of the remake of the film Arjun Reddy, he was clear about who would be in the lead role in his film, while he had many big names from Bollywood. This time he wants to make his film with Ranbir Kapoor and the focus is on making the female lead perfect. ‘ According to the information, Sara has given the audition, but no decision has been taken yet. But if Sara finals, then it will be fun to see her pairing with Ranbir Kapoor in this film. Ranbir and Sara’s personal life also has a different chemistry. Ranbir is the cousin of Kareena Kapoor and daughter of Sara Saif Ali Khan, so the family bonding between them is also quite different. It is being said that Ranbir has given his consent for this film. However, right now the name of Aak and the lead actress is coming out about this film and that is Parineeti Chopra. According to reports, a video will be released on the new year on January 1, 2021, at 12:20 pm, and this will reveal the film’s cast and crew. Ranbir is currently in Ranthambore with the entire family and it is heard that before leaving for Ranthambore, he has prepared an announcement video of the film, which will help the fans to answer all their questions.


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