Sara Khan’s reaction to Ex-Husband’s entry in Lock Up? TV’s most sensational relationship was between the two

Every episode of Lock Up excites the audience a lot. Everyone eagerly waits for every episode of the show. Because fans get to see something new every day. In the coming episodes, the audience is going to see a wild card contestant in the lock up and this new prisoner is more for Sara Khan than for the important people, because it is none other than Sara’s ex-husband Ali Merchant. Merchant).

It is shown in the promo of the show that Ali is imprisoned as soon as he comes in lock up. However, Ali’s look is quite tremendous. Seeing his entry, it seems that he is going to rock as soon as he comes. And the one who will have the most trouble with this is Sara Khan. Ali and Sara’s relationship has been full of ups and downs and finally both of them started their new life by living separately. Now in such a situation it will be interesting to see what will be the reaction of Sara after Ali comes in lock up.

Talking about his ex-wife’s appearance on the show, Ali said, “I think this is the format of the show where he has to be. I am sure he is also there to reinvent himself. I hope That she believes in him and hopes she sees it in a positive way that is better for her and her future, and if she doesn’t, it’s her loss.”

Ali considers Munawwar a tough competitor who is also his favorite contestant. He said, “By far my favorite contestant is Munawwar because he is so real and raw, a little mischievous, his thinking is clear, everything looks amazing so far. I think Munawwar is doing very well. ” ALTBalaji and MX Player are locking up 24×7 live-streaming on their respective platforms and allowing viewers to interact directly with the contestants.

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