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Saturday of the 2e week of ordinary time (Mk 3, 20-21)

The Epistle to the Hebrews refers to the worship that was celebrated under the Old Covenant. Imagine a first tent, in which only priests enter. When they come to deposit the offerings of the people there, they must first make two distinct sacrifices: the first animal sacrificed is offered for the forgiveness of the sins of the priests who officiate, the second for the forgiveness of the sins of the people for whom they intercede. This shed blood sanctifies those who are defiled: the priests as well as the people. And inside this first tent, which we call the Saint, is a second tent, the Holy of Holies. God himself is present there through the Ark of the Covenant which carries the tablets of the law.

Christ, high priest, establishes a New Covenant which transforms this vision. He entered the sanctuary not as a man – by the way of the sacrificed animals – but from God before creation. There he offered a definitive sacrifice – once and for all – by his own blood, securing our final liberation. Flawless victim, he offered himself to God: Jesus Christ gave his life for us on the Cross and his Father accepted this gift forever by raising him from the dead. The new worship is irrigated by this life. news that definitively saves us from sin and death.

Nicolas Tarralle (Augustine of the Assumption)

Other texts: He 9, 2-3.11-14; Ps 46.


Monday January 25, The conversion of Saint Paul, Apostle (Mk 16, 15-18)

On the road to Damascus, the Lord’s servant to the nations awoke. Inhabited by a violent and jealous love for God, he had the experience of descending into the night of faith. Blinded, humiliated, it is the light of the Crucified-Risen that will illuminate him. This traveler of the roads of Judea and Galilee lived the great crossing. From death to life, it is reborn from water and fire. Having entered into the friendship of Jesus for humanity, he travels the world guided by the Spirit. Always listening, he perceives the signs of the coming Kingdom. Tirelessly, he proclaims the salvation of God, Good news for all creation. Clothed in Christ, he participates in the mission of the beloved Son. In the name of Jesus, he in turn awakens souls to life in abundance. The apostle Paul invites me today to experience the joy of the Risen One. I recognize that by baptism, I received the beautiful name of Jesus, God-Save. Every day is a resurrection, for Jesus visits me and sets me free. His love is tenderness. His mercy is forever. I perceive that the times are renewed by the presence of God in our world.

Lord, Holy Spirit, grant me to go to my brothers and sisters to bear witness with audacious humility and confident timidity to the mercy of the Father, to your benevolent compassion of the Son for all.

An Oblate of the Assumption

Other texts: Ac 22, 3-16 or Ac 9, 1-22; Ps 116.


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