“Sauvagines”, by Gabrielle Filteau-Chiba: my trailer in Canada


by Gabrielle Filteau-Chiba

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In the kennel, Raphaëlle chooses without hesitation a puppy who a priori has it all wrong: ” A skinny dog ​​who will not draw his life for tourists from France to live a typically Nordic experience is an animal that does not earn its meat, an animal that will be slaughtered like those too old to serve.

→ PORTRAIT. Michael Christie, the shock of the “great decline”

A wildlife protection officer in Kamouraska, Raphaëlle lives the life she has long dreamed of, alone in a trailer in the heart of the forest, now with her dog named Coyote, ” who will know how to sniff out those who come too close “.

Bears and poachers

Dangers ? It can be “A bear who has just had his kilometers of raspberry bushes cleared under the high voltage wires of Hydro-Quebec “, But also walkers” tempted to take advantage of meeting a woman alone at the end of the world Or poachers who endure no restrictions on their lucrative livelihood, from the most expensive furs to waterfowl, the most common, like those of coyotes used to tuck the hoods of coats.

Three forest guards for an immense territory are not enough to enforce the hunting seasons or the quotas that are gradually being removed by legislation more favorable to the fur industry than to the protection of wildlife.

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In search of her dog who calls her from afar, Raphaëlle discovers a poaching site: snares where Coyote got caught, seriously injured, animals skinned to serve as bait and traps everywhere that leave their victims in agony for a long time. Shortly after, Raphaëlle realizes that she too is the target of the poacher.

With a sensitive verve and a sense of the romantic mixed with thriller, Gabrielle Filteau-Chiba signs a heartbreaking ode to the preservation of nature. His intense language, enamelled with cheerful Quebecois phrases, works wonders to evoke the beauties of Quebec forests and cry out his revolt against destruction, but also to express the joys of friendship and love deep in the woods.


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