Schizophrenia: what happens in the brain of patients?

FOCUS – The biological mechanisms behind this disease are gradually being revealed, making it possible to get out of the cliché of “incurable madness”.

Shining, Fight Club, Shutter island, Black swan… Schizophrenia is one of the most common mental illnesses on the big screen. Schizophrenia, or rather a certain image of this pathology. Because in cinema as in real life, she does not escape stereotypes. How many people can in fact defend themselves from not automatically associating this disease with madness and violence? Far from these received ideas, doctors and researchers are trying to better understand the causes and mechanisms of this disease whose roots are as complex as the symptoms are varied.

Because there is not “one”, but “some” schizophrenias, which associate, to different degrees, a whole range of symptoms. “They are classified into three groups: the so-called positive symptoms, because they come in addition to normal behavior. We can cite for example auditory hallucinations (or more rarely visual) as well as delirium, that is to say the fact of interpreting differently

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