Scotland: separatists win parliamentary elections and come close to absolute majority in Scottish parliament

The SNP misses the absolute majority by a hair, but can count on the support of environmentalists on the question of the self-determination referendum.

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Scottish separatists lead the elections for the local Parliament by winning 64 seats, just under the absolute majority of 65 seats, allowing them to win a fourth term at the head of this British nation, according to the official results released on Saturday 8 May, two days after the poll.

Environmentalists, also in favor of a separation from the UK, win eight seats, allowing the formation of a majority in favor of independence, while Boris Johnson’s Tories come in second with 31 MPs sent to Parliament from Holyrood in Edinburgh.

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon welcomed “there [ait] a pro-independence majority in this Scottish parliament “, before warning Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, fiercely opposed to leaving Scotland: “There is simply no democratic justification for Boris Johnson, or anyone else, to seek to block the right of the Scottish people to choose their own future. “

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