Seine-Maritime: three people indicted in the investigation into a vast drug trafficking

According to information from France Bleu Normandie, three people were indicted Sunday, October 10, in the investigation of a vast drug trafficking in Seine-Maritime, in the Eure and in the Paris region. Aged between 25 and 30, they were indicted for “drug trafficking and criminal association”. Two of them were remanded in custody. The last one was placed under judicial control. In this case, six people are still in police custody.

On Friday October 8, 19 people were arrested and taken into police custody. Seventeen were in Rouen. Eight people saw their police custody lifted on Saturday, October 9, including Mélanie Boulanger, the mayor of Canteleu, and her deputy for economic development Hasbi Colak. No charges were brought against them.

The investigators, who have been following this case since 2019, evoke a vast network of drugs and money laundering in the Rouen metropolitan area. A source familiar with the matter speaks of a “mafia system with connections to Morocco”. In total, around one million euros of movable property were seized, cars, bank accounts, 340,000 euros in cash, firearms, 75 kilos of cutting products, 15 kilos of heroin and six kilos of cannabis resin.

According to a source close to the investigation at France Bleu Normandie, a family “well established locally to have political influence” with “connections and links with the town hall”, interests investigators. This is what justified the custody of Mélanie Boulanger and her deputy.

Also according to this source, four brothers whose age varies between their twenties, for the youngest, and their forties, for the oldest, are at the head of this trafficking network. Two were arrested on Friday and are still in custody this Sunday evening. The other two have been on the run for several years abroad. The three people indicted by the investigating judge of Bobigny are “lieutenants” of the family, according to a source familiar with the matter. Other indictments are expected this Monday, October 11 in the morning.

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