Seine-Saint-Denis: personal photos of several police officers discovered in a building hall

Personal photos of police officers were discovered in a lobby of a building in Villetaneuse (Seine-Saint-Denis), in the night from Thursday to Friday. A inquiry for “invasion of privacy” and “act of intimidation” is open.

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A survey for “invasion of privacy” and “act of intimidation” was opened after the discovery of personal photos of police officers on the night of Thursday to Friday in a hall of an apartment building in Villetaneuse, in Seine-Saint-Denis, France Bleu Paris learned from the Bobigny prosecutor’s office.

According to France Bleu, these photos were shared via WhatsApp in a conversation called “Death to the cops”. The investigations were entrusted to the investigators of the territorial security (ST) of the department.

Last week, similar photos were discovered in several halls of buildings in the neighboring town of Épinay-sur-Seine. Police officers from the town police station were concerned, as well as a policewoman from the Saint-Ouen police station. The photos were accompanied by the first and last name of each official. A survey for “acts of intimidation” had been opened by the Bobigny prosecutor’s office and entrusted to the territorial security of Seine-Saint-Denis.

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