Senatorial: Ségolène Royal head of a “citizen list” for French people abroad

Ségolène Royal sets out again to storm the ballot boxes. The former presidential candidate announced to AFP on Saturday February 6 that she would lead a “citizens’ list” in the senatorial elections for French people living abroad. “I will lead a citizens’ list that transcends the right / left divides”, said the president of the NGO Désirs d’avenir pour la planet … who did not ask for the nomination of the PS but will nevertheless be “attached to the Socialist Group of the Senate”.

Number two on his list will be Mehdi Benlahcen, PS president of the Solidarity and Ecology group (bringing together many elected socialists, environmentalists and various left) at the Assembly of French Abroad.

Ségolène Royal, finalist in the 2007 presidential election, said she had made her decision because of the decision of Claudine Lepage, current PS senator for the French outside France, not to stand for re-election.

The senatorial elections took place in September 2020, but due to the health crisis, the election of the six senators of French people living outside France was postponed for a year.

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