Senegal: the day of demonstration scheduled for Saturday postponed

The protest movement that supports the opponent Ousmane Sonko suspended his day of “peaceful mobilization” after a call for appeasement in Muslim and Christian circles.

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A few days after the worst clashes that Senegal has known for a decade, thehe day of “peaceful demonstration”, scheduled for Saturday March 13, was postponed by the protest movement which supports the opponent Ousmane Sonko. The postponement of these gatherings, who presented the risk of further violence, was announced on Friday in the middle of the evening by the “Movement for the Defense of Democracy (M2D)”, after a call for appeasement of Muslim and Christian circles.

This recently created collective, which includes Ousmane Sonko’s Pastef-Les Patriotes party, called for rallies on Saturday afternoon on Place de la Nation in Dakar and in the country. In a statement, he “calls on the people to remain mobilized and attentive” but does not set a new date for demonstrations.

At the end of the day, the general caliphs of the great Muslim brotherhoods, very influential in Senegal, and the representatives of the Catholic Church, had once again invited the majority, civil society and the opposition “to continue the work already started in the direction of pacification”.

Senegal was the scene last week of clashes between young people and the police, looting and looting after the arrest of Ousmane Sonko, third in the 2019 presidential election and expected to be one of the main candidates for that election. from 2024.

This violence has left at least five dead, eleven according to the collective of protest. Tensions eased on Tuesday, the day after the release ofOusmane Sonko and an address by President Macky Sall calling for “appeasement”. The religious guides had already intervened behind the scenes to call the parties to restraint.

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