Serge Joncour and Olivia Elkaim in the final of the Prix Femina

The Prix Femin eliminates Lola Lafon and Miguel Bonnefoy from its selection. In the running, six authors including Serge Joncour, Marie-Hélène Lafon and Olivia Elkaim. Verdict on November 3

Three novelists and two novelists are in the final for the Femina prize for the French novel, including Serge Joncour and Olivia Elkaim, the jury announced to AFP on Wednesday.

Le Femina eliminated two successful books from the Fall Literary Awards juries, Capsize by Lola Lafon and Heritage by Miguel Bonnefoy.

He kept six titles for his Foreign Novel Prize, and six also among the essays (half of which were biographies). These awards are due on November 3.

Third selection of French novels
– Thierry Clermont, Barroco bordello (Threshold)
– Olivia Elkaim, The Tailor of Relizane (Stock)
– Serge Joncour, Human nature (Flammarion)
– Marie-Hélène Lafon, Story of the son (Buchet-Chastel)
– Diane Mazloum, A swimming pool in the desert (JC Lattès)

Third selection of foreign novels
– Kiran Millwood Hargrave, The Pardons (Robert Laffont)
– Deborah Levy, The cost of living and What i don’t want to know (Editions du Sous-Sol)
– Tiffany McDaniel, Betty (Gallmeister)
– Eshkol Nevo, The Last Interview (Gallimard)
– Eduardo Fernando Varela, Patagonia route 203 (Metailie)
– Colson Whitehead, Nickel Boys (Albin Michel)

Second selection of tests
– Dominique Fortier, Paper Cities: A Life of Emily Dickinson (Alto)
– Caroline Fourest, Offended generation (Grasset)
– Hélène Gestern, Armen (Arléa)
– Christophe Granger, Joseph Kabris or the possibilities of a lifetime (Anamosa)
– Charif Majdalani, Beirut 2020 (South Acts)
– Krzysztof Pomian, The Museum, a global history, volume I (Gallimard)

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