Serious emergencies of the hand, a circuit apart

MAINTENANCE – With the multitude of nerves, tendons, arteries, joints and bones that make up our hand, an injury can quickly do significant damage. It is essential to be seen quickly by a specialist, and specific circuits have been put in place to take care of injured hands as quickly as possible.

LE FIGARO. – What does the circuit dedicated to “hands” emergencies consist of, and what is it used for?

Dr Thierry DREANO. – The Federation of Hand Emergency Services (Fesum) includes 67 centers in France, taking care of some 150,000 hand injuries per year (including work accidents), with serious injuries. It takes two to three hours for each cut finger! These are therefore long surgeries. If a center is already monopolized, another will take over, hence the interest in getting in touch with the 15 or the Fesum before moving.

Is everything recoverable?

The answer is yes, most often when the section is clean, straightforward, simple – for example with a cutter – because there is no loss of substance. It’s already more difficult with a chainsaw blade that crushes and cuts at the same time. It becomes complicated when there has been a tearing (classic case of the ring which clings to a nail and the finger which tears off when falling). And it is almost impossible in

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