Seven projects for police reform

It is his favorite role, that of the scourge of the scales. After the emotion aroused by police violence, Emmanuel Macron alienated himself this weekend from the police unions after his statement on facial checks. “When you have a skin color that is not white, you are much more controlled”, the head of state told Brut on December 4. Several union officials have expressed their “Anger” and called for a strike of controls. Monday, December 7, Emmanuel Macron responded to one of them, Yves Lefebvre, secretary general of the union SGP Police FO. In this letter revealed by AFP, that The cross was able to consult, the President of the Republic announces the holding “From January, a” Beauvau de la sécurité “, which will bring together representatives of the police, elected officials, citizens around seven sites” : the training of police officers, their supervision, their resources, “The capture of interventions”, their control, the police force and the link between the police and the population. Emmanuel Macron has announced that he will intervene “Personally” in these debates which should give rise to a “Great programming law”, according to the Ministry of the Interior, which will also receive union officials from Monday, December 14. As for associations working on the police, no contact had yet been made by the ministry on Tuesday, December 8, at the end of the day. “In principle, the announcement of this“ Beauvau ”is a good thing, we can no longer continue to flee a major reform of the police, comments Éric Mirguet, from Acat (Action by Christians for the Abolition of Torture). But are we ready to finally tackle all the subjects? Including those who annoy? Facies checks, LBD… ” The expectations of unions and citizens may be difficult to reconcile.


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