Sexual violence in judo: a former federation leader suspended

The man in his sixties, former president of a regional league, and who spent 4 years on the management committee of the French Federation between 2012 and 2016, has been coaching for many years in a club in the North of France. . It is the testimony of at least one victim, member of the club, which started the procedure, “but the thread maybe just starting to unroll“, assured a source close to the file.

I had the victim on the phone Tuesday night, and spoke to her. And just with his declaration I took a precautionary measure. It’s bad enough for me to intervene“, explained to AFP the president of the federation Jean-Luc RougĂ©, who had worked alongside this coach on the board. “It always surprises everyone. It is true that it is a particular person, but from there to suspect this kind of thing, not at all“, he said.

Judo in the viewfinder

A few days earlier, another coach from the same club was also suspended by the federation after learning of his indictment for rape of a minor. “The two know each other very well“, assures this source close to the file.”I received a letter from the federation and I know where it comes from. They have raised suspicions about me“, admitted the former member of the management of the federation suspended from AFP.”These are disagreements between people in a club, that could be it“, he added. “I’m going to see the follow-up that I’m going to give on my side anyway“.

About twenty cases out of the 330 identified by the cell set up at the Ministry of Sports currently targets judo, one of the most practiced sports in France with nearly half a million licensees. Judo has been hit for several days by a series of revelations of cases of sexual violence, a tidal wave that has affected sport as a whole for several months. An inspection mission was launched by the Minister of Sports on the subject targeting judo and horse riding.

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