Shahid Kapoor’s mother Neelima Azim told the pain of breakup, every person goes through this, know

Neelima Azim Talks About Divorce Pankaj Kapoor: Actress Neelima Azim’s personal life has been tragic. He did three marriages, but none could last. Her first marriage was to actor Pankaj Kapur. After a few years, she separated from Pankaj Kapur. After divorce from Pankaj Kapur, she married Rajesh Khattar. This marriage also did not last long for him. After this he married actress Raza Ali Khan. However, this relationship also lasted only five years.

Shahid Kapoor’s mother Neelima Azim tells in one of her interviews how the decision of separating from Pankaj Kapur had affected her. The way Neelima told things after so many years shows that no matter how old the breakup is, it is not possible to forget it. At the time of marriage, actor Pankaj Kapur was 21 years old and Neelima Azim was 16 years old. Neelima and Pankaj divorced each other in 1984 after 9 years of marriage. Shahid Kapoor was only three and a half years old when Neelima Azim and Pankaj Kapur separated from each other. Neelima single-handedly raised Shahid Kapoor. Even after several decades of their divorce, Neelima has not forgotten the pain of heartbreak and an example of this has been seen in one of her interviews. Neelima is an example of how a person does not forget the feelings, heart and pain of that time even after years of breakup. He may move on, but somewhere in his mind these memories remain fresh. He also said many other things in such a way that probably every person who has faced a breakup has gone through.

It ain’t easy to move on
Neelima Azim told in the interview that it was not easy for her to move on. It took him many years to move forward in his life. The same happens with every human being. In fact, even though the person gets involved in the relationship in the beginning, it is only due to feelings, but later almost everything related to his life gets involved in it. Everything reminds them after a breakup, which makes it difficult to forget and move on.

Love of loved ones gives strength to move forward
It is said that a broken heart needs someone’s support. That could be any relationship. Neelima had also told that her son Shahid helped her a lot in getting her life back on track. There may or may not be love in everyone’s life, but family and friends are always there. The love of all of them is selfless, due to which they always stand with us from sorrow to happiness.

put love back in life
When Neelima took care of herself after parting ways with Pankaj Kapur, she also gave love a second chance. It is not right to stop believing in love just because of one experience. It must be given a chance again in life. Do you know if you have a Mr. or Miss Right right in front of you, but because of not giving them a chance, they can’t enter your life? If this happens, how will the happiness of love come again in your life?

changing meanings of happiness and love
It is a fact that once the heart breaks, even if a person enters another relationship, the emotions associated with it do not remain the same for him.

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