Shahrukh’s ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ child artist Jiya means Jhank Shukla’s life has changed, archaeologist is working

Jhanak Shukla, the child artist of Shah Rukh Khan and Preity Zinta’s hit film ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’, is now far away from the world of glamor. A video of Jhank has surfaced, in which she is stating that her audition for Shah Rukh Khan’s film was very poor. Jhank is now enjoying the life of an archaeologist.

Jhank told that she wants to work in the museum and wants to move to New Zealand. Apart from Jhanak films, ‘Karishma Ka Karishma’ has also appeared in the TV show as a cute robot. However, now Junk is very happy to be away from the world of acting.

Child artists working with big stars like Aamatya Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan have no shortage of work. But at the age of 25, Jhank has gone far away from the world of films. A video of her has appeared on the internet, in which she is saying that the audition she gave for Shah Rukh Khan’s film ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ was the worst and she does not understand how she got selected.

In this video, she is seen saying, ‘I am retired now, my parents say the same.’ She is saying that earlier she was quite extrovert, but now she is completely opposite and calm. ‘ She has also said that it is not at all that she is bored with acting. He said that I have done a lot of work in my childhood, so I have to chill now.

He told that his parents also wanted him to take a break from acting and he was very interested in history, so now she has become an archaeologist. He told that the dream which he had seen in childhood has completely reversed from today. He said- I used to think that I will get settled after getting married at the age of 24, but today it is not like that at all. He also said that his parents are very supportive and he wants to enjoy his life in a cool way. However, in the end Jhank also said that I will need money for what I want to do, but that does not mean that he should leave his goal in the middle.


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