Shahrukh’s tears were spilled in front of the NCB officer, said- you have made us a big criminal

Last year, the drugs case caught a lot of attention which was a high profile case. The name of Aryan Khan, son of Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan was associated with this case and for several weeks such information related to this case surfaced which surprised everyone. Aryan was arrested in October last year in a drugs case after a raid on a cruise. However, when NCB filed the chargesheet last month, Aryan Khan was given a clean chit in it. However, the family had kept silence even in that difficult time and even now they do not want to say anything about it. However, Sanjay Singh, the NCB deputy director (operations) of the Special Investigation Team (SIT) prepared to investigate this case, has now told in a conversation with India Today what Shahrukh and Aryan Khan had told him at that time. Sanjay Singh, who was investigating the case, was living in touch with Aryan and Shahrukh in those days.

Shahrukh’s eyes were visible
Sanjay Singh told in his recent conversation that Shahrukh Khan had met him when Aryan was in custody and was worried about his son’s physical and mental health. He had also sought permission to meet Aryan and spend the night with him, but he was not allowed. Sanjay Singh said that Shahrukh alleged that his son was being ‘defamed’ without any evidence. Sanjay also told that once during a conversation, Shahrukh’s eyes flashed and told him, ‘We are shown in front of the world like some big criminals or monsters, who are out to destroy the society.’

Raids at Mumbai’s International Cruise Terminal on October 2
Let us inform that Aryan Khan was arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau on 2 October from the International Cruise Terminal in Mumbai. Aryan Khan was on his way to attend a party on a cruise ship going from Mumbai to Goa, where the NCB raided and was taken into custody along with some other friends from here. After 26 days of continuous turmoil in this case, he was finally granted bail on October 28.

Aryan Khan had told the NCB officer – you mixed my respect in the soil

Aryan asked questions to NCB
Sanjay Singh also told in this conversation what Aryan Khan had told him during the custody. Aryan told Sanjay, ‘Sir, you have done a lot wrong with me and have ruined my reputation. Why did I have to spend so many weeks in jail – did I really deserve it?’


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