Shanidev became the giver of karma with the divine punishment received from Nana Vishwakarma

Mahima Shani dev ki : Lord Shiva filled Shani Dev with all the powers, born to maintain justice systems in the universe and to give fruits to all the creatures according to their deeds. With the power from the Tridevas, he could destroy the wicked and maintain the justice system in the world, so the need for a divine punishment was felt, in front of which no shield could stand. Such a power should be included, which does not give any ill effect to any justice or truth and relief to the unjust. Lord Vishwakarma was ordered for this. Till now Vishwakarma himself did not know that his own grandson has been born as the powerhouse, for which Mahadev has ordered him to make a weapon. Get ready to make. After hard work, when the divine punishment is ready, Indradev, who has come to make a divine weapon for himself, gets angry with him for the delay in his weapon, he gets angry and warns Vishwakarma, but after hearing Vishwakarma’s answer, he feels ashamed. calm down.

Vishvakarma bluntly says that Devraj, you are obstructing me in following Mahadev’s order to prepare the weapon of that shaktipunj. Devraj becomes calm on hearing this. On this, Lord Vishwakarma makes Indra see the divine punishment made for Shani, seeing which Indra himself is stunned.

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