Shefali Jariwala romanticized with husband in bathtub, thorn laga … hi laga …

Shefali Jariwala earned a lot of name in ‘Bigg Boss 13’. It is now discussed that she will soon be seen in ‘Khatron ke Khiladi 12’. Amidst all the discussions and possibilities, Shefali is currently holidaying in Maldives with husband Parag Tyagi. Shefali has now shared some romantic pictures with her husband after creating a rage with her black bikini photos (Shefali Jariwala Bikini Photos). The special thing is that in these pictures, both are seen in Shefali Jariwala in Bathtub.

Two Loved In ‘Bathtub’ … Lost!

In the pictures shared by Shefali, she is seen in a blue printed bikini. While the pollen leaves are topless. Shefali, sharing the pictures, has written in the caption – Hum.

Pollen kisses Shefali on the forehead with love

This is the most beautiful picture of Shefali and Pollen in the bathtub. Parag is kissing Shefali on the forehead to express love. Nothing can be better than expressing affection to someone.

The color of romance dissolved in fun

‘Bigg Boss 13’ contestant and thorn girl Shefali Jariwala is currently holidaying in Maldives with her husband Parag Tyagi. Shefali is sharing many photos of this vacation on social media. His pictures have dissolved romance in Fijaon.

Shefali came into discussion with ‘Thorn Laga’

Shefali Jariwala Remix item number ‘Kaanta Laga’ song (Kaanta Laga Song) came into the discussion for the first time. She had settled in the hearts of people overnight. Her husband Parag Tyagi is a popular TV actor and the duo has always been well liked.

More heat than the sun was seen in a red bikini

Shefali had earlier shared her photos in Red Bikini. While capturing the pictures, she wrote, ‘Girls Just wanna have Sun.’ By looking at the picture, it can be said that Shefali herself has the potential to increase the brightness and temperature more than the sun.

Shefali-Pollen is also planning a child

By the way, if all goes well, Shefali Jariwala will be seen on TV soon. He has been approached by Rohit Shetty for the action and stunt based show ‘Khatron Ke Khidi 12’. Whereas in the past it was also revealed that Parag Tyagi and Shefali are also thinking of raising their family soon. Shefali said in an interview that she is also influenced by Sunny Leone and wants to adopt a baby girl just like her.


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