Shekhar Suman, raging on the fake news of son’s study suicide, said – we died a thousand times in a moment

Bollywood actor Shekhar Suman has become a victim of such fake news these days, he is quite shocked. In fact, a news channel ran fake news of the suicide of his son, Study Suman. After this, Shekhar Suman received a setback and he has reacted strongly to it.

Shekhar Suman has made several tweets on the Twitter handle saying that he should take legal action against the news channel. Shekhar Suman wrote, ‘We saw the news in which we all were destroyed. These news claimed that Suman committed suicide. Immediately after seeing this news, we contacted Study Suman in Delhi. His phone was out of reach. Because of this we all died several thousand times in that one moment. This shocking news has had a very bad effect on us all. ‘

Shekhar Suman wrote- ‘I demand a public apology from the channel. I request Prakash Javadekar, Maharashtra Chief Minister and Home Minister Anil Deshmukh to take strict legal action against the channel for such irresponsible and malicious acts. ‘

Shekhar Suman’s tweets

Shekhar Suman's tweet

Shekhar Suman’s tweet

Shekhar Suman further wrote, ‘He ran a news which devastated me, my wife and all my family members. My wife was shocked after seeing this news. This news announced that the study committed suicide. During this time the study was not at home but in Delhi.

Talking about taking action, Shekhar Suman said, ‘I am taking legal action against the channel. Media should be more responsible. Do not selfishly destroy people’s lives. I demand all the people to share posts on social media and demand a ban on the channel.

Let us tell that Shekhar Suman’s elder son Ayush Suman died due to some heart related disease. At that time, Ayush Suman was just 11 years old. Please tell that Shekhar Suman demanded justice for Sushant Singh Rajput after the death of him for the last one year. But now when the news came to him that his son Adhyayan Suman had committed suicide, he was shocked.


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