Shilpa Shetty was afraid of going to ‘Big Brother’, mother strictly said – we Indians cannot do this

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty is known for her films. Apart from films, Shilpa has also raised her name in reality shows. She has participated in the UK’s biggest reality show ‘Big Brother’ and has even won the show. In 2007, Shilpa participated in a UK reality show, which featured 14 celebrities. Fighting all odds, Shilpa emerged as the winner of the show. During an interview to a news portal, Shilpa Shetty has revealed why she was scared of doing international reality shows.

Shilpa Shetty was very scared
The actress revealed that when Shilpa saw a few episodes and she got very scared. She said that she is not going to do all this.
She thought that she would be out in the second week of the reality show itself. The actress said that she will be eliminated in the second week. But every week she was nominated and survived. She won the reality show because she got a lot of support from South Asians in the United Kingdom (UK).

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your people won the show
She further added that while the show was supposed to run for four weeks, she thought it would only last for two weeks. She said – I honestly felt that I would go and I would be out in the second week. Considering that every week I was nominated and survived. I thought how is this happening? Then in the third week, I got to know somewhere that there are a lot of Asians who are supporting him. He recalled his victory at the show and said that it was due to the overwhelming support of the South Asian community in the UK. Not only Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, everyone voted for him. She won by 64% of the votes.

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Shilpa’s mother was also scared
At that time not only Shilpa but her mother was also very scared after seeing the show. To this he said, ‘My mother told me very clearly ‘Listen, we are Indians and we will not do this by leaving everything behind.’ Shilpa is very close to her mother and she takes her everywhere with her.


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