Shilpi Raj returned to social media, this request filled with tears in her eyes, Bhojpuri singer’s MMS went viral

A few days ago, the MMS of Bhojpuri cinema’s famous singer Shilpi Raj was leaked. After Bhojpuri actress Trishkar Madhu and Priyanka Pandit, the private video of Shilpi Raj was becoming increasingly popular on social media. A few days after the leak of the video, Shilpi Raj went live on social media and urged people not to post the video.

shilpi raj viral video
When the MMS leaked, Shilpi Raj returned to social media and cried. He said, ‘I have a happy atmosphere here, I am getting married. Some are writing, while others are uploading videos to YouTube. Please help me whatever you do. Till today we have never spoken to anyone in a loud voice. Is it my fault that I come from a small, poor family?’

Shilpi Raj returns to social media
After Bhojpuri singer Shilpa Raj’s MMS went viral, she is currently trending a lot on social media. In her video, she was seen in an objectionable position with her boyfriend. However, now it looks like she has come out of this shock as she posted a dance video on her Instagram handle. In the video, she is seen dancing to the song ‘Jijaji Mijaji Bani’.

Video of these Bhojpuri actresses has been leaked
Shilpi is not the first in the Bhojpuri industry whose MMS has been leaked on social media. Earlier, actress Trishkar Madhu’s personal video was also leaked, in which she was seen in a compromising position with a boy, causing her trouble. After his MMS went viral on social media, Trishakar Madhu shared his statement on his social media account saying, ‘God gives everything, make my private video viral to surround me, if someone makes your sister’s video viral. It would be nice if you give. There are so many dirty people in Bihar, it didn’t know.

Shilpi has worked with many big personalities including Khesari Lal Yadav and Pawan Singh. He has given many hit songs in his career. He has lent his voice in many songs with Khesari like ‘Jada Lagat’, ‘Bas Kar Pagli’, ‘Jhagda’, ‘Do Ghant’, ‘Babua Ke Khush Kar Da’.


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