“Shootings are often planned long ago”: Inside the mind of a school killer

MAINTENANCE – An 18-year-old killed 19 children and two adults in Uvalde, Texas. This is the 27th killing of the year in an American school. Alexandre Rodde, a researcher specializing in mass killings, explains the psychological springs of the passage to the act of these criminals.

Alexandre Rodde is a second lieutenant in the operational reserve of the national gendarmerie, a researcher specializing in issues of terrorism and mass killings. He wrote a thesis in the United States on American national security. He is the author of the book “Acting Out: Understanding School Killings”.

LE FIGARO. – Has a typical profile of the adolescent mass killer been identified?

Alexander Rodde. – There are generally three psychiatric profiles in adolescents who act out. There is the psychopathic profile: a young man driven by a desire for total destruction, who seeks to cause as many deaths as possible, to destroy his school, even the city. This was the case of Eric Harris, during the Columbine massacre in 1999, who intended to blow up his school. Then there is the schyzotypical profile of the adolescent who manifests psychiatric disorders very early on with hallucinations, loss of bearings in the…

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