Should I eat ice cream in summer? Know the best season to eat ice cream

Who does not like to eat ice cream in the scorching heat. In summer, you will be seen eating ice cream from children to elders. When going to someone’s house, ice cream is served after eating in most of the houses. Children’s all time favorite is ice cream. Most people think that by eating ice cream, the heat goes away, but do you know that ice cream is cold in eating but its effect is hot.

In such a situation, you may find it difficult to eat ice cream in summer. That is, it can cause many problems related to your stomach. At the same time, people avoid eating cold ice cream in winter. People think that eating ice cream will make the throat sore. But does this actually happen? Do you know whether you should eat ice cream in summer or not and which is the best season to eat ice cream?

Summer Ice Cream
If you eat ice cream the whole summer thinking that it will remove the heat from your body, then it is not so at all. Ice cream is cold to eat and hot in taste. Due to the high fat content in ice cream, it creates heat inside the body. This is the reason why one feels very thirsty after eating ice cream. Eating ice cream in summer can cause you many problems. That’s why you can eat a little ice cream for taste, but do not eat ice cream at all thinking of removing the heat.

Ice Cream in winter
Many people do not eat ice cream in winter. They think that eating ice cream will make the throat sore, but it is not so at all. There are many benefits of eating ice cream in winter. Sore throat caused by cold gets relieved by eating ice cream. You get calcium and protein in ice cream. That’s why you can eat ice cream without hesitation even in winter. By eating it, you will not get cold and will also get relief in the throat.

Best season to eat Ice Cream
Although you can eat ice cream anytime throughout the year, but if you eat ice cream in mild summer and mild winter, then it will not harm you. Keep in mind that never eat ice cream in hot sun and heat. This may trouble you. You can eat ice cream during any season.

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