Should pregnant women limit their intake of paracetamol?

DECRYPTION – An international forum published at the end of September questions the use of this labeled molecule without particular risks.

Expectant mothers know it well: during pregnancy, any drug intake is carefully weighed in terms of the benefit-risk balance. Paracetamol, or acetaminophen, enjoys a special status as such, being one of the few molecules labeled with no particular risks. Therefore, women change their habits little. But an international forum published at the end of September questioned these certainties.

Posted in Nature Reviews Endocrinology by 13 international experts including the late Bernard Jégou, founder of the Institute for Research in Health, Environment and Work (Irset) in Rennes, this collective position statement (“consensus statement” in English) calls for “preventive action” against paracetamol during pregnancy, due to potential risks to the unborn child. Without completely questioning its use in certain cases, in particular to lower the fever which is very bad for the development of the fetus.

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