Should you “sign” with your baby to communicate better?

PSYCHOLOGY – Eat, sleep, have a hug … Children don’t wait to learn to speak to have a very precise idea of ​​what they want. Is teaching them to “sign” useful?

Not easy to understand what goes through a toddler who nevertheless expresses himself loudly! What if, from the age of 6 months, we could teach him to “say” with simple gestures that he wants a nap, a cookie or a hug? This is the whole promise of “sign language for babies”, which is gaining ground among young parents. “I prefer to speak of” gestural communication associated with speech “, corrects from the outset Sandrine Higel, pedagogue specializing in French sign language, founder of the label Signs2hands and author of I speak in signs with my baby (Larousse). The gestures used here “Is not a language but a tool that promotes interactions, upstream of language acquisition. We use it naturally by shaking our heads to say yes or no, or waving our hand in goodbye. ” French Sign Language (LSF), used by some deaf and hard of hearing, “is a real language, complex, with grammar and

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