Side Effects of Being Ignored in Relationship, This Affects Life

mentally profound effect- When someone is ignored so badly in a relationship, it has a deep impact mentally. That person starts struggling with a lot of emotions. Sometimes he gets angry, sometimes he gets sad. By getting such a reaction, the partner starts feeling as if he is not worthy of any relationship. This continues until their partner contacts them. This kind of reaction 

Physical effect- Mentally, such indifference also has an effect physically. When you are in love with someone, when you are ignored, the cortisol hormone becomes active inside you. It is a stress hormone that tells about your pain. Its physical side effects range from headache to nausea. In such a situation, there is no proper sleep.

Change in behavior- When someone ignores you, instead of looking at them, you start questioning yourself. What did I do wrong? Is there something wrong with me? What should I do to prevent this from happening? It is normal to have these thoughts in your heart during silent behavior, because you do not know about the other person, that is why you keep thinking only about your mistakes and shortcomings.

Relationships get bad- If a partner is adopting such methods for a break of only a few days, then this method is absolutely wrong. By doing this, there is a rift in the relationship forever. Instead, if you talk openly about the problem, then things will be resolved easily.

Psychological effect- The person whom you loved so much, when he ignores him, then the person is filled with despair. He feels unimportant and his self-confidence also weakens. Many types of questions come in the mind of such a person like why is he ignoring me? What should I do next? What do I do to make sure everything goes well?

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