Sidhu Musewala had left the house to know the condition of sick aunt, friend sitting in the car narrated his ordeal

The whole of Punjab is shaken by the murder of Sidhu Moosewala. The family is in bad shape and the fans are also in shock. Goldie Brar sitting in Canada has claimed the responsibility of the death of Sidhu Moosewala. But still no one has been able to understand how Sidhu Musewala was murdered? Where did he go with two companions in the car to go?

7 suspicious people seen at the dhaba in CCTV footage

Recently a CCTV footage surfaced, in which two vehicles were seen chasing the car of Sidhu Moosewala. Now another CCTV footage has come, which is of a dhaba located in Mansa. In the video, 7 suspected miscreants are seen eating food at the dhaba. It was being said that the security of Sidhu Musewala was withdrawn recently. But it is not so.

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There was a sudden plan to see the sick aunt

Sidhu Musewala had personal security personnel and commandos. Despite this, where was the mistake that became the reason for the life of Sidhu Musewala? Sidhu Musewala was accompanied by two other accomplices in the vehicle, out of whom only one has died. On the other hand, Gurvinder Singh (Sidhu Moose Wala friend Gurvinder) is still admitted in the hospital and is seriously injured. To find out, they had left their village Musa. But as soon as he reached Jawaharke village near Mansa, there was indiscriminate firing on him.
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There was no space in the car, so the security personnel did not sit

Gurvinder Singh told that Sidhu Musewala’s plan to see Aunty was made all of a sudden. He took two friends along. There was not enough space in the car to accommodate 5 people. So Sidhu Musewala dropped his security personnel from the car. This mistake overshadowed Sidhu Musewala.

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Firing indiscriminately some distance from the village, Sidhu also fired

The friend told that they had reached some distance from the village that their car was fired from behind and after that a car stopped in front of them. One of the men got down and started firing at Sidhu Sujewala’s car. According to the friend, Sidhu Musewala fired two shots from his pistol in the defence, but the attacker had an automatic gun. Due to this, he kept firing bullets continuously. Then firing started on Sidhu Musewala’s car from all sides. According to the friend, Sidhu Musewala tried hard to drive away the vehicle, but he was surrounded from all sides.


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