Simple ways to avoid diseases in monsoon

After the summer, the rain brings relief. The weather becomes pleasant and people get relief from the humidity. But monsoon also brings with it diseases. It also weakens our immunity. The unexpected changes in temperature and humidity during monsoon make us vulnerable to many diseases caused by viruses. We all know that our body becomes weak during the rainy season. Therefore, you have to prepare in advance to avoid them. By adopting some measures in monsoon, you can be safe from diseases.

Ways to avoid diseases in monsoon

Just as humans love monsoons, the weather also attracts mosquitoes, bacteria, viruses and fungi. This is the breeding season for them which can transmit diseases like dengue, malaria and scrub typhus. Therefore, to prevent diseases, do not allow water to stagnate around your homes.

In this season, eating nutritious diet and eating immunity-boosting foods, avoiding junk food and drinking enough water prove to be effective in protecting against viral infections. Herbal tea and hot water with honey also work to protect the upper respiratory system. Adequate sleep and physical exercise are the guarantee of boosting immunity.

Typhoid and Hepatitis A are more prevalent during this season due to contaminated food or water. Therefore, use filtered or boiled water and avoid using stored water for more than 24 hours.

Eat freshly cooked and light food. Avoid eating raw vegetables especially leafy ones. Fungal infections of the feet are the second major problem of this season. Clean and dry your feet after getting drenched in rain or mud. Avoid wearing wet shoes for a long time. Wash your clothes regularly and dry in the sun as far as possible. This kills the fungal fungus and prevents fungal infections of the skin.

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