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Let’s recap. Veolia, which is a big deal in water and waste, wants to buy Suez, which is a big deal in water and waste, to make it a super big thing that no one has seen like that. Suez does not agree, or on condition that Veolia asks nicely and that its offer is friendly. But Veolia, who tried to pretend to be nice on condition of winning the bet, suddenly decided to launch an offer that was not at all friendly, seeing that he realized that Suez, for his part, was negotiating amicably with the fund. investment Ardian which, for its part, wishes to point out that its approach is not unfriendly towards Veolia, but that hey, business is business, even nicely. We are there. Veolia is confident. Suez is sure of his rights. Ardian pushes his pawns, in a friendly manner. As for the government, which is also fond of friendliness and kindness, it is accused by some of driving for Veolia while pretending to support Suez. The latest news is that we are waiting to know what the Autorité des marchés financiers thinks about it, seized by the government, which Authority is waiting to know what it thinks. Remember that this is water and waste. So, for water, we will say that we are rather in troubled waters. And that all this does not follow. As for waste, let us quote popular wisdom: it is at the end of the fair that the dung is counted.


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