Six Nations tournament: “It’s extraordinary to experience moments like this”, savored Cyril Baille after the victory against Wales

It’s extraordinary to live moments like this“, entrusted to franceinfo the left pillar of the XV of France Cyril Baille, the day after the French victory against Wales (32-30) in the six-nation tournament, after a completely crazy match. The Blues have overturned a situation which seemed hopeless thanks in particular to their “cohesion“, estimates the Toulousain. Thanks to this success, the French can still hope to win the Six Nations Tournament.

franceinfo: Twenty-four hours after this crazy match, what’s left for you?

I think these are matches that remain engraved for a long time. A crazy match. I think everyone experienced it and we felt it after the game with all the messages of support. Unfortunately, because of the crisis, we have no one in the stadiums but seeing this support is heartwarming for us. We also play for them. We still have an incredible chance to represent France, French rugby. We also need to show solidarity between us, we are all friends. And it can be summed up in the field. This is where we will look for this mental strength. It’s extraordinary to experience moments like this.

How exactly will this match score?

It’s the kind of match that confirms our cohesion, the fact that we all get along well together. It especially validates a progression and all the work we do too. Because the week is very intensive. We don’t give up and winning this kind of match really helps us grow.

Your captain Charles Ollivon did a big job again yesterday. Did he find the words?

Charles, he’s an awesome person in the group. He is a leader in combat, play and especially in group life where he manages to unite everyone. I’m really happy to have a captain like him and to play with him. He is a very reassuring person who brings the whole team together. Frankly, hats off to him for what he does because it’s really not easy and he really does it with great success.

Personally, there are these words of Fabien Galthié who describes you as one of the best left pillars in the world. Does it affect you?

Of course, these are words that are good to hear, but we must not stop there. We must continue to work. I play pillar, I know very well that from one weekend to another, it can be very complicated, especially with the scrums. It’s clear that it’s nice to hear, but I still have a lot of work to do.

Now there is Scotland coming in just five days. Do you feel ready to take on this new challenge, to achieve yet another feat?

We are ready. We want to have a good match. We will quickly get back to work because we don’t have a lot of working days. We will give everything on the field. I think it’s our watchword to give everything. We have something beautiful to look for so it will also be played in the head. Nothing is impossible. We know that the matches are very difficult but we are going to go there already to play a great game and afterwards, we will see, while remaining humble.

No regrets, Cyril, for having stopped football?

With the times I’m going through right now, frankly, no. It’s a sport that I like to watch but we still live extraordinary moments with this group. It is quite amazing.

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