Sixth dose of Pfizer vaccine: how the good news became a trap

DECRYPTION – Pfizer now has six doses per vial, plus five. But extracting the total is sometimes difficult.

It started as a rumor from across the Atlantic. As the first vials of the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine arrived, caregivers were surprised to see it: in these vials that were supposed to contain 5 injectable doses once the vaccine had been reconstituted, they were sometimes hiding… 6 or even 7! What greatly increase the quantity of vaccines available. But the good idea seems to want to become a trap, which could seriously reduce European vaccine capacities …

This excess vaccine is not surprising. Just do the math: each vial supplied by Pfizer contains 0.45 ml of vaccine solution, to which must be added 1.8 ml of sodium chloride. Or 2.25 ml of final product, for unit doses of 0.3 ml. Each reconstituted vial therefore theoretically contains a little more than 7 doses of vaccine. Except that the product is never taken in full: a fraction sticks to the walls of the vial, the syringe, and both the syringe and the needle contain

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