Ski resorts: access to ski lifts authorized for professionals and licensed minors within a club

A decree published on Saturday 5 December in the Official Journal authorizes access to the ski lifts for “minors licensed within a sports association affiliated to the French Ski Federation” and the “professionals in the exercise of their activity”, reports France Bleu Pays de Savoie. The decree specifies that this measure comes into force immediately.

“Until now, young athletes from PPF-listed clubs, generally young hopefuls, trained for a professional career, had the opportunity to ski. It seems that through this decree, it is all young people licensees who can practice “, analyzed Stéphane Deloche, the president of the ski club of Grand-Bornand in Haute-Savoie, at the microphone of France Bleu Pays de Savoie. “We’re not going to spit in the soup, that might be a good thing. But I have reservations. I’m waiting to see what we really have the opportunity to do.”

“It is still necessary now to come to an agreement with the resorts, so that they can open a lift dedicated to the practice of competition”, continues Stéphane Deloche. The ski school director wonders: “The Prime Minister gave us an appointment on December 11 to make announcements about all the possibilities that we will have. With this decree coming out there, is there not something hidden? ? “

About 700 demonstrators, local elected officials, monitors, seasonal workers, restaurant owners in the resort, marched on Saturday morning in Chambéry to demand the opening of the ski lifts. “For the clubs, it’s very honestly. There has to be a follow-up for these children, that they are at the same level as the others everywhere in Europe. But what we want is that everything opens! It is not by opening the clubs that we will be able to save ski resorts “, said Pierrick, ESF instructor in Toussuire, in Savoie.

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