Skin Care Tips: Should you stop using sugar, dairy products and gluten for healthy skin? Learn

Skincare tips: Diet plays an important role in restoring healthy skin. Therefore you need to monitor the habits related to food carefully. For example, what to eat and what to leave. Some people believe that sugar, glutin or dairy should be strictly avoided. But many people are not aware of what they should eat and what to avoid to get shine. Some diet rules that work for others may not necessarily work for you as well. Therefore, it is important to understand how your body and your skin friendly foods work. How to choose foods suitable for your skin?

Skin-specialist Dr. Rashmi Shetty has told on Instagram that what to eat and what to avoid for healthy and glowing skin. He has explained in detail what to eat and what to leave. He says that the first and necessary job of food is satisfaction. You should eat such foods that you are familiar with or should include such foods which you have been eating since childhood. Your intestine is used to handling these foods and is not an organism for your body. Then your body knows what to process with that food.

Dairy There is a lot of discussion on the effect of dairy on the Internet. Some people consume milk daily and do not have any side-effects while others may have intestinal problems. Dr. Shetty told that if you have discomfort after drinking milk, then you can stop the consumption of milk and milk products. But not everyone should stop using milk. If it suits you, do not stop eating milk and milk products.

Sugar- Dr. Shetty says that this is the case with sugar too. No one needs to quit using sugar. A limited amount of sugar can be consumed, but if you are a bit obese, have a polycystic ovary disease (PCOS) checked. If the diameter of your intestine is large, then at that time also ignore the use of sugar because in such a situation your acne may be associated with the use of sugar. You do not need to stop the use of sugar in its actual appearance, but should also avoid all the forms like jaggery, honey and some fruits.

Gluten Not everyone is responsive to glutin. If there is discomfort to the intestine, then it can react with your skin. However, others can use it.

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