Skincare Tips: Skin starts getting affected due to the fall in temperature, take care like this

Skin tightness, dryness, and fall become normal in the changing seasons with a drop in temperature. A sudden decrease in temperature affects the skin. Softness and damage to the skin barrier is a common occurrence in the autumn months. Due to which the symptoms of dryness, sensitivity and decrease in brightness can be manifested.

Changes in skin come with temperature drop

When there is a sudden drop in temperature, in windy, cold weather our barrier gets damaged and other external elements including pollution get into the skin depth. These can cause redness including swelling, sensitivity. Humidity also falls with the drop in temperature and the skin loses its moisture due to the surrounding dry air. Therefore, moisturizing cleanser should be used. This can help hydrate solid skin. It is important to protect the skin barrier from the harmful effects of cold weather.

Skin care tips can control the problem

Clean up in the morning and night to free the grime and keep the skin clean. Cleaning increases the blood flow and helps to flush out toxins. Changes in weather, humidity level and temperature can sometimes cause skin problems during autumn. Therefore, use vitamin C as skin care. Vitamin C intake is suitable for skin pigmentation during the cold months. Pigmentation is called dark spots on the skin and sometimes the skin color is dark. Collagen production can be increased by consuming vitamin C. Apart from this, lip moisturizer and eye cream should also be used.

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