Slamming the opponents of Tapsee Pannu – I don’t have a mask on my face, I’m honest so I’m not afraid of anyone

Taapsee Pannu is one of the most busy actresses in Bollywood at the moment. How much Taapsee is working can be gauged from the fact that he has started the fifth film after completing the shooting of 4 films in the last 6 months. She is currently shooting for ‘Dobara’ with Anurag Kashyap. Recently, Taapsee openly discussed about Women’s Day and his film journey, apart from the raids of the Income Tax Department.

Bid on income tax raids – we are absolutely right
In an exclusive interview to our colleague ‘Bombay Times’, Taapsee said on the Income Tax Department’s raid,’ I was not available for a few days but I was absolutely fine during the raid. My family is fine and they are also asking me the same question, am I okay? And in response, I am also asking them the same. It is something that we know that something has happened but we do not know how to feel it. ‘
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‘I don’t have a mask on my face’
Taapsee, who is very vocal on social media, said about her image, ‘Whatever I have created my image, it is made with great effort. Now people can see me for what I am and it is not a mask. My honesty gives me confidence and makes me fearless. It is a good thing that you keep your words honestly but no one should be hurt in this. Even if someone is targeting me, I cannot reply to him in his language. If we do this then what will be the difference between us and them. I will always call wrong wrong but I will not raise my finger for it.
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Father thought film career would end soon
Talking about her film journey, Taapsee said, ‘Once upon a time, my family was afraid to come to this profession. At that time, it was not considered very good for a middle class girl to get into modeling. My family did not even let me stay at the house of my friends at night. It was a big deal for him to be alone here. Later my sister Shagun came to live with me in Mumbai. My father thought that my film career would be over soon, but now I have changed the thinking of my family. ‘

Changing attitudes towards women
On the increasing contribution of women in the film industry, Taapsee said, ‘The contribution of women in the film industry has increased rapidly. The attitude towards women is also changing with respect to work. Like the director of photography is very difficult, but the DOP of my film ‘Rashmi Rocket’ is Neha Matiani. After the shooting started, I came to know that she was pregnant. Even at such a time, she was doing such a heavy job. As a woman, we have started doing many things that will inspire the next generation of women. ‘


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