Sleeping with lights on at night can cause harm to health

Light & Sleep: Night’s sleep is considered like a medicine for us because the deeper your sleep, the better will be your health. By taking a good sleep, your brain will also work properly. There will be recovery of muscles, diseases will be cured and your mood will also be good. At the same time, when you sleep with the room light on at night. Which disturbs your sleep cycle. At the same time, your brain comes on alert mode and it starts working rapidly. On the other hand, if you also sleep with the lights on at night, then there can be many damages to your health. Let’s know.

depression- Sleeping with lights on has been linked to depression. Blue light from electronic devices can have the worst effect on your mood. At the same time, due to lack of sleep, the mood can always be bad and can cause things like irritability,

obesity problem People who sleep with lights on are more prone to obesity. Therefore, sleeping with the light on should be avoided.

Fear of getting into an accident Sleeping with lights on does not complete your sleep, due to which you remain lethargic in you the next day and you do not remain alert. On the other hand, if you drive a car or bike, then there can be a risk of accident. That’s why one should not sleep with the light on.

Increased risk of chronic diseases Your body may increase risk of certain chronic diseases if Light interferes with your sleep for a long time. Whether it is obesity or a complaint of high blood pressure. That’s why one should always sleep with the lights off.

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