Slight drop in unemployment in the second quarter in France

Posted Jul 27, 2022, 12:13 PM

The fall in unemployment had been spectacular in 2021. Unless surprised, the performance should not be repeated in 2022 in view of the statistics published this Wednesday at noon by the Ministry of Labor. At the end of June, France excluding Mayotte had 3,165,900 job seekers who had not worked at all during the month. This is 26,500 less than at the end of March, while in the first quarter, the decrease had been 169,100. This slowdown is not a surprise, with employment still reacting late to growth which stagnated in the first quarter in France .

26,500 less category A unemployed

When we also look at jobseekers who have worked a little or a lot during the month (categories B and C), we also see the repercussions of the growth slump at the start of the year, with a sharp fall in the former (-3.7% after +2.2%) and another more limited decline in the latter (-0.3% after 0%). In total, however, the number of people registered with Pôle Emploi whether or not they have worked (categories A, B and C) continued to fall, down to 5,436,100, down 1.7%. But in a dynamic context on the side of entries to Pôle emploi which increased by 2.2%, with in particular a surge in the end of interim assignments.

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