Smartphone damages the skin in these four ways, know how to avoid it

We all know that as much as the advantage of a smartphone, its disadvantages are also not less. Excessive use of smartphones is not only harmful for the eyes and brain, but it does not cause any less damage to the skin. In this dangerous phase of the pandemic, our dependence on smartphones has increased further.

People spend hours on smartphones. Since people do not have to go anywhere, the office is also closed, if they are open, then work is being done from home, in such a situation smartphone has started becoming a companion. Due to its excessive use, apart from headache, neck pain, eye problems, many types of skin problems also come. Here we are telling how the smartphone is increasing the problems of the skin. Along with this, they are also telling about how to get rid of these problems.

Acne – Every part of the smartphone is full of germs. These are the filthiest things. Since you talk by sticking it in the ear, due to this the germs or germs come on other parts of the body like face, nose, ears etc. and infect that part. The face is affected the most, due to which it is common to have acne.

diagnosis Clean the smartphone daily with antibacterial wipes. Whenever the phone goes into someone else’s hands, clean it immediately after that.

Allergies- Due to excessive use of the phone, fibers come on the cheeks. It means that allergy has come on the face. Chromium and nickel are used in most phone cases, which increase allergies and give rise to skin related diseases.

diagnosis The best solution for this is to keep the phone in a plastic case or protective guard.

Premature wrinkles:Wrinkles start appearing around the eyes due to excessive use of smartphone. Apart from this, straight wrinkles start forming in the middle of the brow.

Diagnosis- While using the phone, keep it at a sufficient distance from the eyes. Apply a cream with a cooling effect near the eyes.

Phone light- The blue light of a smartphone is more dangerous than the ultraviolet UVA/UVB rays. This simply means that the blue light of the phone damages more than the damage done to the skin in an hour by sunlight. Due to this, many types of skin problems come to the fore.

Diagnosis- The easy solution for this is to use the phone as little as possible. Don’t stay on the phone for long. If you stay on the phone for a long time, then put the phone in dark or night mode.

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