Smurf Beta

Since I offered them this video game, my children no longer raise their noses Smurfs Mission Malfeuille. Realize: the forest is infested by a scourge which must be cured with the vaporisasmurf! But to do that, you have to start by… saving Smurf Beta. My son balks: ” But I do not agree !» Why ? “Well, because he’s Beta Smurf: he’s beta, what! » My son still saves his booby virtual character, and wins the game. I smile at him: “You see, when Jesus came to earth to save us, we were all big fools! Luckily he wanted to save some idiots…”

This immerses me in an endless contemplation of divine love, which goes so far as to sacrifice itself for simpletons: “Scarcely would one die for a just man; maybe someone would die for a good man. But God proves his love toward us, in that, while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”wrote Paul to the Romans. What is it in us that can make the Almighty want to save us from our own mistakes? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Or if, rather: everything. The love he places in us. Because we are his misguided creatures and he wants to make pampered children out of us. Love starts from nothing but it is everything, and above all, it saves, free of charge, just out of love. God sacrifices himself for fools, and… he wins the game. That is to say, he wins over us.

So what should I do the next time I cross paths with simpletons entangled in the consequences of their own stupidities? turn away, pretend that “It’s good for them» ? Or reach out and extend to them the grace that I am the recipient of? Yes, thus, I will enter into the Father’s work of salvation…


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