SNCF cut more than 1,900 jobs in 2020, or 1.3% of its workforce

SNCF cut 1,946 jobs in 2020, which brought the total workforce of the public rail group down to 150,774 employees, according to the group’s social report consulted by AFP on Thursday, November 18. Last year’s reductions therefore represent a decrease of 1.3% compared to 2019. Compared to 2018, the total workforce decreased by 3.2%, with the elimination of 5,046 positions.

“This drop reaches 2.9% for the execution college” with 2,120 positions abolished, including 203 train driver positions, for example. The staff of the “framework college”, they increased by 1.6% with 548 positions created, notes the management. The number of supervisors has decreased by 0.8%, with 374 positions abolished. In total, the group recruited 3,846 people last year, after 4,121 hires in 2019, a drop of 6.7% in recruitments.

For the Unsa-railway union, “the finding is alarming”, with a balance sheet in “the continuity of the precedents”. The second representative union of SNCF also notes the surge in departures during the trial period (360 departures, + 22.4% compared to 2019). The management notes for its part that these departures join the “level observed in 2018”, after a decline last year.

But, regrets the Unsa-railroad, “too many agents”, at all levels of the company, “feel a sense of unease within the group”. Since “For several months, our union organization continues to alert the management of the SNCF to the heavy and heavy climate”, she emphasizes, pointing to a “lack of recognition”, the “wage freeze”, from “all-out restructuring” and the frame always “socially undefined” opening up to competition.

The SUD-Rail union also protests against “the deterioration of the social situation” and critic “catastrophic social reports” renderings “year after year” by SNCF, including that of 2020 “is no exception to the rule”. The third union of the group castigates “the choice” from the direction of “cut field jobs while it recruits executives”. “As in the previous year, it is mainly the operational posts that are impacted” in 2020, denounces SUD-Rail.

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