Social networks “kill” by letting circulate disinformation on vaccines, denounces Joe Biden

Facebook, targeted by the president’s remarks, replied on Friday on the contrary “saving lives”.

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The tone is rising between Facebook and the White House. US President Joe Biden accused major social media operators on Friday (July 16) of “kill people” by letting false information on vaccines circulate, at a time when the United States is trying to relaunch a vaccination campaign against the Covid-19 which is slipping.

“They are killing people. The only pandemic we have is affecting people who are not vaccinated. They are killing people.”, he replied to a question about what his message was to groups such as Facebook, as he was about to leave the White House by helicopter.

Over the past seven days, the United States has recorded an average of 27,800 new cases daily, up 64% from the previous week and 223 deaths (+ 38%). Biden administration spokeswoman Jen Psaki specifically targeted Facebook on Thursday.

“There are about 12 people who produce 65% of the anti-vaccine misinformation on social media. All of them remain active on Facebook, while some have been banned from other platforms.”, she had said. The White House, however, did not immediately give details of these 12 people, or how this score was made.

“The Facts Show Facebook Helps Save Lives, Period”, assured the social network in a press release, listing a series of measures that he said allow its users to have better access to the vaccine.

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