Solidarity fund, turnover … Bruno Le Maire specifies the terms of future aid to companies

Adapt the aids. The government will extend the solidarity fund by one month before moving from October 1 to “tailored”. At the end of a meeting with many professionals in Bercy, the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire announced a “transition” towards the abolition of the solidarity fund for companies at the end of September.

Throughout the month of September, the companies concerned will be able to benefit from this fund under the same conditions as in August (compensation up to 20% of turnover) but with a new condition, added by Bercy in order to avoid “windfall effects” for those who prefer to remain closed and receive aid. Companies must achieve at least 15% of its turnover.

On the other hand, for the overseas departments still subject to closure obligations for health reasons, all of the devices are maintained, said Bruno Le Maire.

For his “tailored”, in force from October 1, the government will rely on an already existing system, says “fixed costs”, which makes it possible to take charge of all the expenses of an establishment. “It allows for targeted compensation on companies which are really making losses and which have to bear fixed costs which are still too high”, explained Bruno Le Maire.

An announcement accompanied by a warning. the “tailored” will lead to a longer processing of files, i.e. compensation under “a few weeks”, versus “A few days” for the solidarity fund.

For sectors “structurally affected” by the economic crisis linked to the Covid-19 epidemic, Bruno Le Maire promised “action plans” defined with the professionals concerned: the event sector, travel agencies, or even the mountain, he listed.

Around 80 billion euros have been distributed to date in the form of state aid: around 35 billion via the solidarity fund, a similar amount for the partial activity mechanism, the rest in the form of exemptions or reductions in social contributions for SMEs and the self-employed which are due to end on Tuesday.

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