Sonali feels for Aly: Sonali Phogat expresses love to Ali Goni as soon as Jasmine becomes homeless!

What made Jasmin Bhasin homeless with ‘Bigg Boss 14’, Sonali Phogat has become silver. After all, they will get the support of Ali Goni. Do not understand? Actually, Sonali Phogat has revealed her heart to Ali Goni as soon as she leaves Jasmine’s house. Just imagine that he has proposed them.

Ali and Sonali appeared in the live feed of ‘Bigg Boss 14’ talking about it and that video clip has also been shared by ‘The Khabari’ on their Twitter handle. In the video, Arshi Khan tells Ali Goni that Sonali wants you to say ‘I love you’ from the heart. Sonali Phogat calls Arshi a liar.

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After Arshi leaves, Ali and Sonali are talking on the couch. Ali is speaking to Sonali not to take tension and speak boldly. He explains to them that whatever he spoke for them, there is no problem. Sonali has spoken her heart to him. Ali says to Sonali, ‘There is nothing bad in this. And talk to me like you used to talk before. ‘ Hearing this, Sonali asks, ‘There is nothing bad in this. I can sit and talk with you separately, right? If everyone is there then it doesn’t matter to me. Earlier it was a different thing, but now it is not.

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Ali then tells Sonali not to take such tension and stay as she was before. But Sonali says that she is no longer the same and cannot talk to him as before. She says, ‘Well it doesn’t happen now. Now there is a different feeling. ‘

It will now be seen how Jasmine Bhasin will react to this. How Jasmine will react as well as family members will be a matter to be seen. While this is part of Sonali Phogat’s game or something, it will also be revealed in the coming days.


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