Sonam Kapoor’s husband Anand Ahuja faces serious charges of taxi theft and fraud, the businessman clarified

Sonam Kapoor Husband Anand Ahuja’s husband Anand Ahuja had tweeted against their customer service to an international shipping company in January 2022. It is now reported that the company has accused Anand of allegedly tampering with the invoices. Let us tell you that by using this invoice, one can avoid paying tax and custom duty. The company tweeted that the problem was not in their service but in the documents provided by Anand.

Now the company claimed that the price of the invoices shared by Anand was 90 percent less than the payment for the product sent by him. The tweet read, “The invoice has been tampered with due to which the payment made for the price of the products has 90% less amount of mention. Whereas our policy is to solve all the customer’s problems completely. This is our duty.

Where did this thing even start?
Actually, Anand Ahuja made a tweet on 27 January. And wrote, ‘Does anyone know about MyUS Shopaholic. I have had very bad experience. On the one hand, he handles the goods very wrongly. Rejects the formal paperwork and refuses without assigning any reason. The company’s generated tweet came as a response to this. He apologized for causing inconvenience and advised to use customer service. Also apologized for the product packaging.

Then on February 1, the company gave a befitting reply. He made three tweets tagging Anand Ahuja as well as our partner websites Bombay Times and ETimes. It is not a matter of customer service quality, new policy or wrong handling of items. Mr. Ahuja had given the wrong price of the sneakers he bought on eBay, which made him pay less money and tax.

The company further claimed that the amount mentioned in the invoice was 90% of the payment made. The company says that it is their legal responsibility to provide accurate information. Both MyUS and Anand Ahuja are subject to International Export Rules. And we should follow them.

Now Anand has responded to these claims. He said, ‘You should first look at yourself before making this false allegation because you yourself refused to accept the PDF receipt and bank statements. So that you can extort more money from me. And hold my luggage for a long time to collect late fees. Well, whatever it is, now all the items have been removed from there and have also closed my account.’


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