Sonu Sood’s big initiative to reach your home with a call from oxygen concentrator

Sonu Sood has become a name that has helped a lot of discussion by helping migrants in the first wave of Corona virus epidemic. The second wave of Corona is creating chaos in the whole country. All the countrymen are working together to defeat this dangerous virus. People are trying to save their family or friends and are constantly complaining about the shortage of beds, oxygen, injections and medicines in the hospital.

Sonu Sood’s big initiative in Corona crisis

In the hour of crisis, people are appealing for help from those who are expected to save the lives of their acquaintances. In this difficult time, along with the government, private sector, industrialists, Bollywood celebrities are also coming forward and helping people. Sonu Sood is the biggest name in celebrations.

When the needy get frustrated from all sides, Sonu finally asks Sood for help. Sood also makes every effort not to break the hopes of the needy. On Sunday, Sonu Sood tweeted a video from his official twitter account stating that oxygen is on the way. Thousands of people retweet his tweet in just a few hours.

Oxygen concentrator will be available on a phone

The day before, he shared a video on Twitter. In it they can be heard saying that the oxygen concentrator is trying to deliver to your city. Most corona cases were reported in Delhi and we lost the most people in Delhi, who reached me. So we are releasing a number for Delhi. If you call him, a person from our company will make the oxygen concentrator available at your home. “

He told that this service is absolutely free and free. Whenever your need for oxygen concentrator is fulfilled, please return it so that it can save the life of any other person. This small offering is for your city. The saying goes, ‘Whatever comes in need, it is the greatest.’

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