Sonu Sood’s team came into action in the middle of the night, saved the lives of 22 patients in Bengaluru

The work that the government is unable to do, they are doing Sonu Sood. The second wave of Corona is taking over our country as a period. Meanwhile, on Tuesday, at least 22 Corona infected patients were saved due to Sonu Sood. In the middle of the night, Bengaluru ARAK Hospital in Bangalore pleaded for help, saying that there is no oxygen. Sonu Sood and his team were busy overnight and in a few hours arranged 15 oxygen cylinders (Oxygen Cylinder).

Inspector made a phone call
According to the report, on Tuesday, a member of the Sonu Sood Charity Foundation got a call from Inspector MR Satyanarayana of Yelahanka area. Told that the condition in ARAK hospital is bad. Need help. In the hospital, 2 patients have already died due to lack of oxygen.

Woke up everyone in the middle of the night, said – Emergency is
As soon as Sonu Sood’s team got the news about it, the whole team got involved in the Oxygen cylinder jugaad at midnight. Woke up all his contacts at midnight, telling him that there was an emergency. After a few hours of hard work, Sonu Sood and his team took 15 oxygen cylinders to the hospital.

Sonu Sood said – we got a call and we gathered
Saving lives is the biggest achievement at this time. Sonu Sood says, ‘It is a reflection of our complete teamwork and will to help the countrymen in our company. As soon as we got a call from Inspector Satyanarayana ji, we started taking action within minutes after confirming it. The team spent the whole night not thinking about anything else, only helped the hospital to get an oxygen cylinder. If there were delays, many families would lose their close ones. ‘

Sonu Sood did amazing again, airlifted Corona patient of Jhansi to Hyderabad
‘I am proud of my team member Hasmath’
Sonu Sood further said, ‘I want to thank everyone who helped save so many lives last night. This dedication of my team members inspires me to keep moving forward. I am very proud of my team member Hashmath, who kept in touch with me the whole time and the whole team helped him. ‘

Talking on Corona, Sonu Sood started crying bitterly, said – how are we living in the country?
Police helped if the ambulance was not a driver
The police along with Sonu Sood’s team also helped in this whole action on Tuesday night. One patient had to be shifted. But no ambulance driver was present. In such a situation, the police themselves went to another hospital with a patient.

Video: Sonu Sood’s mobile condition in Corona era, hundreds of calls for help in seconds
Sonu Sood has started a vaccine campaign
Sonu Sood himself was also found to be Kovid-19 positive in the past. He has taken the first dose of Kovid Vaccine, which is why he became healthy by beating the infection within a week. The actor has started a campaign called ‘Sanjivani – A Shot of Life’, under which he is also appealing to people to get a cavid vaccine.


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