SOS Médecins “carries out 3 million home visits” per year, recalls its president, who calls for a revaluation of the tariff

In the absence of any revaluation of tariffs, “we risk having a congestion of hospital services, which do not need that “, warns Jean-Christophe Masseron, the president of SOS doctors.

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“Today, we have an incompressible figure in France of 20 million home visits per year. SOS Médecins makes 3 million.“, recalls Monday, September 27 on franceinfo the doctor Jean-Christophe Masseron, president of SOS Médecins France. The federation of associations of liberal doctors announced Sunday a “total stop“activity for 24 hours from Monday 8 am for”alert the French to the planned disappearance of the home visit “. The home visits made by the doctors of the association are not sufficiently remunerated according to them.

“Home visits have escaped upgrades for fifteen years”

Jean-Christophe Masseron


The federation demands a price “intermediate“to 57.60 euros, while the last agreement signed at the end of July by the unions of liberal doctors and the Health Insurance, which extends the”long visit“(70 euros) but only for the benefit of treating physicians who travel to their own patients.

Jean-Christophe Masseron warns about the consequences of the lack of revaluation: “If the home visit is lost, there is a risk of congestion in hospital services, which do not need that. We risk having more medical transport. All this is also very expensive”. Faced with this observation, the president of SOS Médecins considers that “eBy not doing much about the home visit, we can have a very important benefit for everyone’s interest, especially the patient“.

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