Spain: eight camels and a llama roam free in the streets of Madrid

They were escorted by the Spanish police to the circus to which they belong. The establishment denounced an act of sabotage.

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Curious walkers in the streets of the Spanish capital. Eight camels and a llama were intercepted by police on Friday, November 5, as they wandered the streets of Madrid after escaping from a circus. The national police, who posted photos of the animals on Twitter, said the camels were spotted around 5 a.m. in the streets of the Carabanchel district, in the south of the city.

They were safely escorted back to the nearby Quiros circus, to which they belong. “Thanks be to god, nothing happened”, welcomed one of the circus officials, Mati Muñoz, in a statement to AFP. “We think it was a sabotage of these animal rights groups that come to demonstrate every year”, she accused. She claims that the cables of the electric fence were cut to allow the exit of the animals. The circus has filed a complaint and an investigation is underway.

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